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Name: Benny (Highwater Bennington)
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
DOB: 8/20/96
Owner/Handler: Valerie Whiterock
Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX, FMCh, ONYX, FGDCH, 40K
Best Time: 5.900
Favorite Toys:  His big ball (teaser ball), anything round, laser pointer
Favorite Foods:
Anything Mommy is eating
Bio: Benny is Val’s first dog and over the years has been involved in many sports & activities. Benny started competing as a pup in Jack Russell Terrier racing and earthdog. Looking for an additional outlet for his energy he discovered Agility & Flyball. In 1999 Ben started playing Flyball and never looked back, he has a real love for the sport; reaching the milestone of 40,000 points in June of 2010 at the age of 13. Benny is also a veteran in the agility ring. He has competed nationally and achieved many advanced titles in USDAA including Agility Dog Champion (ADCH) and Bronze Lifetime Achievement Award. Other than sports, Benny is also an accomplished actor and model. He has been on stage, TV and in print; his resume includes an appearance on Good Morning America, a commercial for ABC College Football, a Milkbone ad and is featured in the book Doga: Yoga for Dogs.

Benny is calm and even tempered but does nothing gently. Some of Ben’s favorite’s things are playing fetch or soccer, chasing squirrels, visits to Petsmart and hunting spiders. He despises baths, closed doors and Velcro.

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