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Name:  Larney
Breed:  Border Collie
DOB:  9/2001 (guesstimate)
Owner/Handler: Jeannie Johnson
Titles:  FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX,
Best Time: 4.015 seconds
Favorite Toys:  Tennis balls and 'tug-tug'
Favorite Foods:  Provolone cheese
Bio: Larney is a great little rescue BC from Glen Highland Farm out in New York. He is the 2nd member of our family to come from GHF - joining us on New Years 2006. He was part of a group of 25 dogs that were all relinquished to the rescue because their owner fell on hard times financially. His high ball drive and speed made him a great candidate for flyball. But it was his sweet affectionate nature that sold us! Larney is your typical obsessive compulsive Border Collie. He possesses the captivating Border Collie 'Eye' and can freeze tennis balls in their tracks! But don't be fooled - this trick isn't reserved for tennis balls alone. He can also freeze the cat, squeaky toys, my slippers, and the occasional house guest with great proficiency as well! He is brilliant, fast and fun!
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