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Name: Max Kelly
Breed: Australian Shepherd / Beagle Cross
DOB: 10/31/2010
Owner/Handler: Sue Kelly / Jenny Otero
Titles: FD!!!!!!!!
Best Time: We were way too excited to look at his time!
Favorite Toys: “the ball”, Jeannie, Rach, Kong, tug toys, the kitties, running at the tree farm and “you”.
Favorite Foods: Peanut butter, peanut butter, oh yeah, did I say peanut butter?
Bio: Max came from Tennessee.  He was in a foster home with other dogs and a cat.  They all got along.  Max was trained by wonderful Foster Parents who loved and cared for him dearly and it showed when he came to his forever home. He is affectionate and sensitive.  He loves to give kisses the most.  I was invited to watch NASDOG Racing in a flyball competition one Sunday and brought Max and I couldn’t believe his reaction.  He was so excited about the ball and the other dogs. Then I brought him to a practice and again the same reaction.  It was a no brainer that Max ‘s love for the ball and flyball might be his gig.  Max is in training right now and we will see where it goes. But we do know one thing, he’s loving every minute of it.

Max is doing very well and shows signs of some serious speed!  The only problem is Max would prefer to chase the other dogs instead of race them.  LOL  So he's a work in progress and will continue to make some appearances at upcoming tournaments warming up until he's ready for some real racing!
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