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Name: Miss Jake
Breed: Labrador Retriever 
DOB:  9/26/03
Owners/Handlers: Rachel & George Robideau
Best Time: 4.381
Favorite Toys: Rachel and anything anyone else may be playing with!
Favorite Foods: Whatever 'Papa' is currently eating!

Miss Jake at CMJ's Survivor Flyball September 09
Bio: Miss Jake is an English bred Lab (blockier build) that Rachel and George purchased from a Massachusetts breeder at 8 weeks of age in 2003.  She started her flyball training in the fall of 2004 and played in her first tournament in January of 2005.  Her natural retriever instincts made her an easy train for the game, though during her first 6 months of competition she was more interested in getting her ball... and the other teams ball... and any balls rolling across the lanes... well, you get the picture!  The team would often have to assemble a wall of handlers to catch 'MJ' after her runs at tournaments.  She has since settled down into a solid reliable flyball dog that will run in any position for any handler.  Miss Jake has several claims to flyball fame ~ she is famous for retrieving bobbled balls from well out of the lane and still making it back over all 4 jumps, for moving boxloaders completely off the box when she hits it, and for doing runs at practice without a handler!  In her free time 'MJ' loves to go for rides with her 'Papa' and practicing her dock diving skills at the local gun club. 

Miss Jake and our Jr. Handler Steph paired up for the summer/fall 08' racing season while Rach recovered from knee surgery.  The two of them ran like a well oiled machine!  Steph is fearless when it comes to passing and MJ definitely thinks that Steph belongs to 'her'! .   

Steph and Miss Jake at a recent demo 
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