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Name: Shadow
Breed: Border Collie
DOB: 11/11/99
Owner/Handler: Tom & Terry Chagnon
Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX, FMCh, ONYX, FGDCH, 40k, CGC
Best Time: 4.939 seconds
Favorite Toys: Kong stuffed with peanut butter 
Favorite Foods: Anything except vegetables

Shadow at CMJ's Survivor Flyball September 09
Bio: Shadow began her Flyball career in September 2004, shortly after her adopted brother Riley came to live with us. Riley needed an outlet for his energy so we decided to give Flyball a try. Shadow did not have the high ball drive like Riley, but we brought her along for the exercise and socialization if nothing else. At first she didn’t take to it much, running to the door any chance she got, wanting to just go home! We didn’t have high hopes that she would ever play. But after a couple of months of watching Riley and the rest of the team train, she made a complete turnaround. Now she absolutely loves to play the game and has earned her Flyball Master Excellent title. Her enthusiasm for the game grows with each tournament and she's now teaching the green handlers on the team how to play the game and doing a masterful job of it!  Shadow's fastest time ever is 4.939 seconds (it took her over 2 years to run her fastest time ever).
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