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Name: Shelby
Breed: Border Collie
DOB: 8/4/07
Owner/Handler: Co-owned by Peggy, Bruce and Judie Garceau
Titles: FD, FDX
Best Time: 7.163
Favorite Toys: Her blue and white stuffed koala bear, her rope pull, and of course any type of ball for fetch
Favorite Foods: Anything that her Papa eats!

Bio: Shelby was purchased from the Puppy Pen in Palmer by my daughter Judie. Originally, she was to be Judie's dog, however Judie was away at college for most of Shelby's first year and Bruce and I became very attached to her. When Judie moved back to the area she could not have Shelby at the place she was renting so we kept her at home with us. Shelby has completed obedience class and also has particpated in agility. Currently, we have decided to just keep her in flyball.

Shelby started her flyball training summer 08' and did very well.  She started out as a bit of a shy dog, but flyball really brought her out of her shell!  At her first practice Shelby didn't want to be away from Peggy's side and prefered to just hang out under the table and 'watch' vs. participating.  But Peggy has kept with it and Shelby made amazing progress.  Unfortunately, due to hip issues Peggy has had to retire Shelby from competition.  Both Shelby and Peggy will be missed.

Peggy & Shelby in the lanes - CMJ Survivor Flyball September 09
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