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Name: Shelby Rae Dagobah
Breed: Doberman Pinscher
DOB: 12/2/08
Owner/Handler: Danielle St.Jean
Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-S, CGC
Best Time: 4.670
Favorite Toys: Balls, tugs and squeakers
Favorite Foods:
Chicken, freeze dried liver and peanut butter are her favorite treats
Bio:  I’ve always been a fan of the Doberman.  After three long years of searching, planning and waiting for the litter (and begging my boyfriend!) I purchased Shelby from a wonderful breeder in upstate NY.  I brought her home when she was 8 ½ weeks old.  I took the week off from work to help her settle in and immediately began some basic training in our living room.  As soon as she’d received her last series of shots I enrolled her in puppy kindergarten at GACC, followed by basic obedience and intermediate obedience.  We have been doing Rally O’ in Sterling since August of 2009 and joined NASDOG’s flyball team in January 2010. 

I believe that training is an ongoing commitment, a life long responsibility, to help our dogs become balanced, healthy and happy; the bond created between dog and owner in the process is rewarding beyond words.  Unfortunately, Dobermans have gotten an undeserved “bad rap” for far too long. They are not the vicious beasts that Hollywood makes them out to be.  They are athletic and beautiful, sweet and affectionate; gentle despite their large size, tremendously loyal, even tempered and posses a strong desire to please the people they love.  These are the traits which make them great military and police dogs, as well as, wonderful family pets, companion and therapy dogs.  I treat every public outing as an opportunity for Shelby to be an “ambassador” for her breed.  Her quirky personality and uncanny sense of humor never fail to bring a smile.  She has a sparkle in her eyes that can touch the soul and anyone who doesn’t believe dogs smile has never seen her run flyball!  Shelby brings me a sense of calm and teaches me not to sweat the small stuff.  Love much, laugh often.  She is my pride and joy.

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