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Name: Spritzer (Farmcliff Spritzer)
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
DOB: 11/7/1999
Owner/Handler: Valerie Whiterock
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX, FMCH
Best Time: 5.75
Favorite Toys: Squeaky mice or any small floppy toy
Favorite Foods: Must we choose?

Bio: Spritzer is a quirky little dog with a jest for life! She is unilaterally deaf (deaf in her left ear) and was given to Val by her breeder who wanted her to be placed in a performance home. Spritz is very “gamey” and has always been the best hunter, excelling at earthdog. Spritzer has always liked to play by her rules; resulting in her being a “late bloomer”. In flyball, she was a notorious chaser who at the age of 9, finally decided to buckle down and “fly right”. Spritzer also loves agility (by her rules-“we don’t need no stinkin’ contacts”) and has achieved her Agility Dog, Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Snooker titles.

“Blondie” is always the comic relief, loves to have her back scratched and excels at guarding the groceries. Spritzer has a fear of heights and dislikes sharing anything.

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