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Name: Vortex (Highwater Pants)
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
DOB: 1/4/2004
Owner/Handler: Valerie Whiterock
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX, FMCh, ONYX, FGDCH
Best Time: New Best Time 5.174
Favorite Toys: His Baby (purple elephant) that he “nurses” on
Favorite Foods: Whatever he can find

Bio: Vortex is Benny’s half brother, they share the same father, but that’s where the similarities end. Tex is the epitome of Jack Russell, a bundle of nerves, a folly of barking and more energy than he can contain. Tex has always been a quick learner and grasped flyball quickly. Tex also is learning agility and recently achieved his agility dog title; with a little more polish and a bit of training Tex may someday be quite a star.

Vortex enjoys barking at anything that moves and can often be found jumping up his favorite tree in the backyard (after invisible squirrels perhaps). Tex’s favorite time of day is early morning when he is allowed to come under the covers in bed. Tex would rather be an only child and dislikes his brother Benny and sharing anything with anyone.

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